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Getting permission from rights holders of video, photos, music and other assets or rights for your project can be expensive and time-consuming. We have the expertise to save you time and money. Please feel free to discuss your needs with us. Our rates are reasonable and negotiable, and we offer 20% off our fees for first-time customers. Contact us for your quote today.

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Our Fees Cover .......

For material that may be subject to intellectual property or personal rights protections, rights clearance involves:„„


  • Identifying rights that may exist in both the work as a whole and individual elements;

  • Determining whether the client or a third party owns the applicable rights;

  • Evaluating whether permission is required for the intended use; and

  • if permission is required, identifying the owner and obtaining a license or other relevant permission.

We will also obtain or prepare license agreements from/with the rights owners. We will review and ensure that the agreements accurately reflect the major deal points. We will oversee the signature process and issue invoices to you on behalf of the rights owner for the payments of all fees. At your request, we can also administer the payments and transmittal of documents between all parties.

Additional Services

In addition to clearing the materials listed above, we can also offer the following services:


  • Celebrity name and likeness clearances;

  • Product placement/trademark clearances;

  • Documentary/script review for clearance issues;

  • On-site or off-site production attorney services* for scripted or non-scripted productions;

  • Rights clearances for merchandise/brand licensing; and

  • Music Supervision services.


*20% discount for first-time clients does not apply to this service.

Music Clearances

More than any other clearances, music clearances can hold up a production or send it over budget. Music clearances require careful planning and an understanding of the various rights involved. Do you know that each part of a song you hear on the radio has different rights controlled by different (or the same) copyright owners? You may need permission from one or multiple owners depending on the rights you need. Whether you need mechanical rights, synchronization rights, performing rights or the rights to publish the lyrics, we can help you. And, because we have contacts in the industry, we may be able to help you find a composer who can compose an original jingle or piece of music that you/your client could own for a fraction of the cost of licensing a popular tune. Alternatively, we might be able to point you to a music library or a public domain song that might meet your needs. But, If you are stuck on using the song performed by your favorite singer in your project or campaign, you may also need permission from the artist who sings the song, depending on the subject matter of your commercial or how the music is featured in your production. Let us help you navigate the world of music clearances.

Photos, Video Clips, Viral Videos, Artwork

Whether you need us to track down a viral video you saw on Youtube or Facebook, obtain a clip from your favorite television program or movie, or to identify the owner or rights in an obscure piece of video or photo, we are happy to help. We will free you from the time-consuming research required to track down the rights-holders and allow you to focus on your overall creative vision. We aim to bring your storyboard or script to life with the assets you need to make that happen. We'll deliver on time and on budget.

Rights and Music Clearances

Clearances640 is a full-service clearance service. WE CAN CLEAR:
Music, Clips, Trademarks, Artists, Photos, Videos, and anything else you may need – ask us

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 6am - 6pm

Our satisfied clients include...

Our main goal is your 100% satisfaction. We can assist you with one clearance, or you can outsource all of your clearances to us. We have the expertise to meet your needs. Our rates are reasonable, and we can work with any budget big or small.

Patricia Ambrose

Clearance Consultant

Patricia has more than ten years of experience in the television and music industries dealing with rights and clearances issues. She has worked in the legal and clearance departments of major studios, including Lorimar and NBCUniversal and as an independent consultant to many others. She has dealt with rights clearances and contract administration for television distribution, merchandising, home videos and music. With attention to even the smallest detail, you can rely on Patricia to go the extra mile on your behalf, crossing all T's and dotting all I's.

Lawnie Grant

Legal Consultant/Clearance Consultant

Lawnie began her career in music licensing. She has worked with all of the major record companies and music publishers. Lawnie has more than 20 years of experience in rights clearances and the entertainment industry, dealing with all matters related to copyright law, trademark and other rights clearances.  Lawnie has also worked in-house at major studios in both business and legal affairs dealing with rights and other production issues for television and film and has acted as an independent consultant to many other companies. Having worked as a production attorney and as a distribution attorney, and having drafted many licensing and production agreements, she has a 360 degree perspective of the industry and can help guide you through the clearance process from creation to distribution. She can quickly identify any clearance needs and issues and provide a quick resolution. Lawnie is also an entertainment attorney, licensed in the State of California and Ontario, Canada.

Our Team
Who Are We?

Our company can provide rights and clearances services. We clear music, talent, film/TV clips and other intellectual property. We have the experience to deliver at prices that will accommodate any budget. Our goal is to assist you in obtaining the necessary clearances and rights for your creative projects and advertisements and to eliminate the obstacles that may prevent you from exploiting or distributing your work and maximizing your financial return. We have experience negotiating licensing fees, and our knowledge of the marketplace gives us the ability to secure favorable deals on your behalf. Our comprehensive administration and clearance services can also help ensure a smooth production and clearance process while staying within your budget.

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Let us "clear" things up for you!


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